Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Higley Friends,

Just a reminder that our Garage Sale for Orphans is coming up on May 12 in Shamrock Estates.  I was sitting here wondering how much we could bring in for Haiti's orphans if everyone just donated $1 from the items they sell on our facebook page, Higley Friends.  If you think your single dollar wouldn't matter that much, take note:  I counted through just the posts of items for sale in the last few days and it would have accounted to over $100!  Now, imagine that were 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100% of those sales, and the money we would raise would be in the thousands of dollars!!!

This is a great opportunity for our children to think outside their first-world experience, and learn about the third-world circumstances of our fellow human beings (possibly making a deep and enduring impact on the way they view their lives), whilst decluttering and organizing their toy chests and bulging closets at the same time!

This is our chance to make a real difference in the lives of real people in real desparity with the excess items from our closets, cabinets, and redecorating.

I know we're all busy, and life is crazy, so if you are interested in making a donation to this project, I would be happy to pick it up from you, or you can donate at my daughters' lemonade stand, or on this blog

I know we can make a difference!  We invite you to share this idea with your friends, facebook friends, neighbors, communities, and families, mention it on your blogs, send it out in an email.  This is bigger than Shamrock Estates, Higley Friends, Gilbert, Queen Creek, or Arizona.  Let's see how much good we can do to give homes to the motherless this Mother's Day.  Thank you!

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